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Nowadays there is an app that can help you do just about anything. While this is great news for everyone with a smartphone, it’s an especially excellent development for physical therapists. Why? An app can motivate patients to carry out the exercises that will help their rehabilitation once they leave the hospital. Many patients do not follow their doctor’s recommendations after they exit the treatment facility. It can be difficult for patients to remember how to perform the exercises correctly, so they often give up in frustration. Plus, some patients simply lack the motivation to continue with the exercises when no one encourages them to do so. Both of these issues can be solved by using a physical therapy app. There are many quality apps currently on the market. Below are some of the best ones to consider.

PT Pal Pro

PT Pal Pro gives users the ability to see the exercises that their doctor recommends. Each exercise has a video demonstration, written description, and it states whether the movement will benefit strength, flexibility, or balance. If you need a reminder to do the exercises, the app will assist you. It will even count out the repetitions for each movement, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Your doctor can also monitor your progress via the app to make sure that you’re doing the exercises.

Pain Therapy: Physical Therapy Exercise Videos

If you need some assistance with remembering how to do specific exercises, this app will help you out. It contains a library of exercise videos that you can watch on your phone. Each video includes captions so that you can read the directions if you have hearing issues. While there are exercise videos all over the web, this app gives you easy access to a library of videos performed by a real physical therapist.


Rather than include every exercise that’s out there, Physioadvisor includes the most popular exercises recommended by physical therapists. All of the app’s content was overseen by physical therapists, so you can trust its quality. The exercises include diagrams that show you which muscles are helped with each exercise. Just like PT Pal Pro doctors can create a custom program that you can access from the app, and they can monitor your progress.

PT Timer: Stretch & Exercise

This app doesn’t do the best job of explaining or demonstrating different exercises, but it’s a great workout assistant. Similar to the above apps, doctors can send custom routines to the app. PT Timer really shines with its ability to time your exercises and help you keep track of each rep.