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When someone suffers an injury that makes it difficult for them to move a part of their body, they usually meet with a physical therapist who will help them recover. The type of treatment that a patient receives depends on the injury that they experience. However, the goal of physical therapy is to give a patient the ability to function normally and relieve any pain they experience. Keep reading to learn more about physical therapy.


A physical therapy treatment plan depends on the type of injury that a patient experiences. Before a therapist can develop a plan, though, she will ask you about your symptoms and the experience that may have caused the pain. If you experience swelling the therapist will attempt to reduce it first before moving on to other treatments. Exercise is typically included as part of a treatment plan. Sometimes the therapist will recommend that you do exercise at home in addition to the work you do at the rehabilitation center.

In addition to exercise, treatment options include massage as well as movements that are designed to help a patient’s joint flexibility. A physical therapist also uses a variety of tools that help a person recover. This post lists some of the most common tools that you will find at a physical therapist’s office.

Specialty Therapy

There are a number of different specialties within the physical therapy field. For example, orthopedic physical therapy focuses on injuries related to the muscular and skeletal systems. Injuries that are treated include sprains and fractures. Geriatric physical therapy helps people who suffer from age-related issues. When a patient needs to recover from a hip replacement, for example, he will meet with a geriatric physical therapist. Pediatric physical therapy focuses on helping children and infants. When a child experiences a delay in development, he or she may receive treatment from a pediatric physical therapist. You can learn more about physical therapy on the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) website.


Before a physical therapist can practice she needs to receive the proper education. The first step to becoming a physical therapist is earning a bachelor’s degree. There are typically a number of science prerequisites that must be completed as well. A typical physical therapy program takes three to four years to complete and usually includes an internship where students can gain hands-on experience in a clinical setting.

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